A Momentous Occasion - A "Milestone" - An Historic Event

On 13th February, 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a formal apology to the Stolen Generation, when Parliament began for the year. Click HERE to read his speech.

Watch this slideshow (by Suzie Orrego) which explains about the Stolen Generation

and answer the questions on this question sheet
Here is another Powerpoint presentaion which gives you MORE information about the Stolen Generation. It was made by a group of 4 High School students VIEW HERE

Song on YouTube by indigenous singer/songwriter, Archie Roach: "Took the Children Away"

and you can look at the words of the song by clicking on: Song Lyrics

see the movie "Rabbit Proof Fence" for an insight into this issue
Click on the "Oz Film and TV" link on the left to see some short films on the issue.

Maggie dressed up like an Aboriginal flag on this special day

Do you know what the colours and symbols on the Aboriginal flag mean?

A Blog entry about Sorry Day

Link to the Stolen Generations Timeline