This is a great site with lots of useful information: myfuture
Lists of Occupations with descriptions and videos

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ABC site: ACE Day Jobs

Question and answer from BBC Learning English site: What is the difference between the words: **WORK and JOB** ??? Write down what YOU think the difference is first, before clicking on the link.

What do you think is the most important skill for students who are job-hunting in an English-Speaking Country???

Write you answer down before looking at the survey result and discussion on the BBC Learning English site


Interview Dos and Don'ts - Video on YouTube


Resume Builder at Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Industrial Relations site
Heaps of great information about different jobs

Skillsone click on the link to see videos showing different jobs external image skillsone_4.png

Australian Government online JOBSEARCH

**Tumbarumba Blueberry Farms** - link to home page