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Have you ever visited the Coffs Harbour City Council's website?

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Click on this link: Woolgoolga and read the information.

One of the main activities in Woolgoolga is agriculture - especially fruit growing.

This article is about Blueberries replacing bananas in this area - from NSW Department of Primary Industries website.

Read it and answer the questions on your worksheet.

Another article about Blueberry farming in the Coffs Coast Advocate
or click here to download the article

For our end-of-year excursion in 2007, all the English Classes from Coffs Coast Community College, went on a bus trip to Woolgoolga.

We visited a blueberry farm about 17km north of Woolgoolga.
Here is a video showing our visit to the farm: http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=16901&title=Visit_to_Blueberry_Farm&ref=wentan

Woolgoolga is home to the largest community of Sikhs in regional Australia (outside the cities).
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The ABC TV program "Compass" broadcast a documentary about a family of Sikhs in Woolgoolga. Click here to watch it on-line: SIKHING WOOPI

Read this article about Sikhs in Woolgoolga