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Practice Test at Department of Immigration Site - 4 different sets of questions

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Citizenship test - short
Citizenship test - longer (you have to log in with your email address to this one - make one up, or you might get junk mail)

Australian Citizenship

The citizenship test changed on Monday 19 October 2009. If a student is doing a test,
he/she will need to study the testable section of the resource book titled Australian
Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

All test questions are based on the information in the testable section of the book, which covers
topics such as Australian’s democratic beliefs and values, the responsibilities and privileges of
citizenship and law in Australia. The test will continue to assess whether clients have a basic
level of English and have an adequate knowledge of Australia and of the responsibilities and
privileges of citizenship. However, the new test will be fairer because the mandatory question
have been removed giving equal weight to every question in the test. Go to
for more information