Solomon didn't turn up for his birthday party in class (we suspect he had a "hangover" from his party the night before), but we celebrated Corina's birthday with a great big chocolate cake:


Corina's_birthday_(4)_(WinCE).JPG Corina's_birthday_(6)_(WinCE).JPG
Corina's_birthday_(6)_(WinCE).JPG Blessing_Corina_Veronica_(WinCE).jpg
Here are the two beautiful sisters from the Solomon Islands - Corina and Veronica: Corina_and_Veronica_(WinCE).jpg

Then it was Lek's Birthday on 20th February

leks_bday_small_(2).JPG leks_bday_small.JPG
leks_bday_small_(3).JPG leks_bday_small_(4).JPG
Jabe bought a yummy pink cake - Lek was one year old today!!

Veronica, Emma and Jabe Birthday

On 25th March, 2008 Veronica, Emma, and I had a birthday party. On that day Veronica brought a birthday cake (see the picture), it was a very nice cake. On top of the cake there were our names and a very nice pattern and four flowers on each corner. On that day Mandeep made some candles in all different colours.
That day I felt very warm and friendly, because my family they all live in Sydney and I wasn’t planning to have a birthday party. I thought I would have a quiet one. But I didn’t.

The birthday party for Jabe, Veronia and me Was so wonderful, l was very pleased that. The birthday cake looks so beautiful, also l really like the candle that Mandeep made. Class 4 give me lots of warm feelings, l will never forget!


birthday_party_(6)_(WinCE).JPG birthday_party_(9)_(WinCE).JPG
birthday_party_(10)_(WinCE).JPG birthday_party_(12)_(WinCE).JPG

Jabe, Veronica and Emma's birthday party

Justin's birthday party

Jabe bought a beautiful black forest cake for Wendy's birthday on 7th April...but there had been a misunderstanding, and it wasn't her birthday at all. However, it was Justin's birthday (on the 5th April)...so we sang Happy Birthday to him instead.


Justin_bday_party_(5)_(WinCE).JPG Justin_bday_party_(17)_(WinCE).JPG

BIRTHDAYS - write about a birthday or party that you remember well. It can be yours, or someone else's.

Put your name first.
I remember my husband's 50th birthday very well. He didn't want to have an ordinary party. Instead, he and I, and about 15 of our friends climbed up a mountain and spent the night on top of the mountain. We had a camp fire, cooked dinner and sat around and talked and drank wine. There was a beautiful view from the mountain top, but it was very hard work to get up...and down!!

I remember my 21th birthday very well. It was a very special birthday because it was my first birthday without my family and friends from switzerland. Despire that I really enjoyed the day. My hostfamily prepared a little party for me. It was good fun :-)

I remember my farewell.My friends held me a big party for me,before i came to Australia.It was really good but sad at the end. They gave me alot of presents and letters saying all the best luck & good wishes in my new life.
It was a party a can never forget.I miss them so much.!!

Evrey year on 25 jul we celebrated,Fatima`s Birthday.Last year I remember when I came home withe my beautiful Rose and little present,we had a Familyparty there was a big chocolate cake . My children kissed their mum and sung Happy Birthday to Fatima and we injoined theparty as a family . Many friends were there too.

I remeber my mum's 50 birthday very well, she didn't enjoy the dinner very much, because the Lobster dishes were off. But in my mum's mind the important thing was that the whole family members were there.

Hello, from me, to be honest I do like birthday’s parties of other peoples. It is great to do some homework with finding a nice present for the very special person in that very special occasion. And I do enjoy the time much more because all the work with all the preparation is mostly already done.
Do enjoy your birthday’s parties!!!
I like them!!!!

Maitsetseg (Maggie)
I remember my daughter's 1st birthday party. We invited all kids from relatives and friends. There were 12 kids and it was very noisy. My daughter looked very happy and enjoyed with other kids but she still didn't know what was going on. She had 2 birthday cakes. When the time came to blow out the candle on the cake, she just wanted to take that candle. She couldn't blow so I made a wish for her to be a happy girl and blew out the candle for her.

I always make a little party for our Wedding Anniversary on 15 April. We make a celebration - just the three of us. I make some special food and my husband gives me a little present. My little son Joey gives us hugs and kisses. We enjoy our little party just familiy - we are very happy !!!

Hi guys, lt's me, one birthday party l will never forget, it's my elder son Jeffery's 18 birthday. That day Jeffery and his friend drove down from Coffs Harbour to Urunga, plus some of my friends all together over 40 people had party in Urunga Bowling Club. The boys are all very tall and big, They drank a lot at the club and even when they got home, l been worry all night because over 20 boys in my place that night, but next morning they cleaned and tidied the place for me, when l hugged my Jeffery then l suddenly realize my boy is already grow up become a young men, l felt so happy and so proud

On 25 of march there was a birthday party in English class at the coffee time it was Jabe, Veronica and Emma`s birthday

Wendy told us that we have in our class 3 student who has their’s birthday in this week and today we must celebrated together as class friend, there was a yellow cake that was veronica bring it , at the right time veronica ,jabe and emma start cut the cake and all the other student singing the birthday song , after we said horra for them , start eating the cake it was very fun to have 3 birthday in the same time

Hi class 4, a few years ago my husband and I were invited to our friends 60th Birthday. There were fifty invited guests that night. We went to the Shear Water Restaurant for dinner. I enjoyed the party, because we had a lovely meal and lots of singing and dancing.
We all enjoyed the night out.