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Welcome to the 2008 Class 4 Wiki

A message from Wendy:

I wish all my lovely students a very Happy Christmas and a relaxing holiday.

If you are wondering what you might do these holidays, here are some options:

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I wish you all the best in the new year, and hope to see some of you back in class in February 2009.

Maggie calls our class "The Party Class". Maybe she is right. Here we are celebrating Petra's birthday on Monday 27th October. Petra's_birthday_(1)_(Small).JPG We sang Happy Birthday and then Petra blew out the candals Petra's_birthday_(2)_(Small).JPG Then Ana cut the cake up and shared it with all Petra's class mates. Petra had also made some special Italian biscuits. Petra's_birthday_(5)_(Small).JPG==